“We want to help accountants and bookkeepers be more profitable while they work faster and more secure.”


Quick Intro: What and Why?

Almost 40 years ago, the first accounting software, built on DOS, began being widely distributed to accountants and bookkeepers around the world. “BPI” was easy to use, and accountants who could run number pad ribbons with lightning speeds were able to operate the software with exceptional speed also. A one-time purchase, accountants could keep the books on as many companies as they wished using the software. For over 30 years Vivian Hilliard (a.k.a. Bibs) used this software for hundreds of client accounts.

With Y2K approaching, accountants and bookkeepers feared the worst, fully expecting the BPI program to crash on January 1, 2000. Surprisingly, the software held fast, but in the year 2020 it began having errors with dates, almost like it went back in time to 1920. Unfortunately, this meant that anyone using BPI in 2020 was left without a good solution.

Over time, the original BPI software was passed along to large corporations who remodeled and increased the cost of accounting software. Today, the only options available to accountants and bookkeepers are limited to high priced, bloated software often only available through the “cloud.”  Data security on the cloud depends on third-party security measures. Speed seems to be of minimal importance. Prices fluctuate monthly, dependent on corporate whims. 

Furthermore, introductory costs for popular software solutions are often low, but quickly change to increasing rates, usually dependent on the number of accounts a bookkeeper or accountant may work with. For example, Bibs has a single client with over 30 different company accounts. Software costs alone would drastically decrease her income.

What is BibsBooks?

After Bibs made it through 2000 without catastrophic failure to her BPI program she immediately bought several older computers to be backups in case her main computer (built in the 1990s) failed, but she never expected problems twenty years later!

Her son, James – an engineer and entrepreneur well-versed in accounting and bookkeeping, and nephew, Matt – a computer programmer skilled in C# and Xamarin Forms, took on the challenge of building an easy-to-use, secure, and fast solution for accounting and bookkeeping that retained the streamlined, approachable format that BPI introduced to the industry nearly 40 years ago. The two consulted with Bibs, drawing on her decades of experience and developed a solution. The result is BibsBook, Version 1.0.

Easy-to-Use, Secure, Lightning-Fast Data Entry

  • Unlimited Use for as many companies as you want. Unlimited chart of accounts, employees, vendors, bank transactions, journal entries, and more.
  • Automation Recurring bank transactions makes entering payroll a breeze.
  • Simplicity Using only a number pad, quickly enter bank transaction and journal entry splits that conform to debit and credit accounting standards.
  • Secure Data encryption with password protection keeps your information secure.
  • Easy-To-Read Run streamlined payroll summaries without tremendous software costs.
  • Integration Import data to make the transition easy and fast.

Continuing Development

BibsBooks Version 1.0 is an After-the-Fact Bookkeeping and Accounting Software built specifically for speed, security, and low costs. In the near future, we will be making additions to the program such as invoicing, bidding, payment collections, and much more. 

Version 1.0 is all about after-the-fact bookkeeping speed without any of the bloated structure typically found elsewhere.