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Scroll down for Chart of Account Templates you can open and edit with Excel, Google Sheets, text editors and other software.

A bank account and income/ loss account is required for BibsBooks to fully function. First create the two accounts and then set them under Company Details.

Learn more here: Creating a New Company

Chart of Account Types List

When importing a chart of accounts the .csv file must use the account types with spelling and capitalization EXACTLY like that found in the list!
Fixed Asset
Other Current Asset
Other Asset
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Credit Card
Other Current Liability
Long Term Liability
Cost of Goods Sold
Other Expense
Other Income

BibsBooks Chart of Accounts

If manually adding your chart of accounts:

Click Chart of Accounts on the menu.

Click the + icon in the top right corner to add a new account.

Assign a Chart of Accounts Number, Select the account type, Enter your Bank Account Name. Enter optional tax lines and notes. Click done.

Template .csv files found below can be imported into BibsBooks to help set up a new company.

The tax lines in the csv files are set up using Intuit’s notation which should help if using their tax filing software such as Pro-Connect or Lacerte.

Create a CSV for Importing a Chart of Accounts

If you are using Excel, continue below. If you are using Google Sheets, click here.

You can import in a Chart of Accounts from the Company Details screen using a simple .csv file. To create the .csv file, first, open a new spreadsheet in Excel,  Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet program.
  1. In the first column enter unique account numbers.
  2. In the second column enter the Account Type. Make sure the spelling and punctuation, including capital letters, is exact when entering the account types.
  3. In the third column enter the Account Names.
  4. In the fourth column enter the Tax Lines.
Click File => Save As => Choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
Import Chart of Accounts from Spreadsheet using a structured csv file.
Saving the file as a csv to prepare for import.

On the BibsBooks menu, click Company Details and import in the CSV you just created!

Please use your regular web browser (i.e. Chrome) to download and save files to your computer!!!
Using BibsBooks help menu will not work.

Chart of Account Templates

It is recommended that you speak with your accountant filing your taxes while creating your chart of accounts! It can save everyone lots of time going forward!!!