How to export CSV files using Google Sheets

In this example, we will be creating a small individual’s accounting Chart of Accounts in Google Sheets. We will save the sheet using CSV (*.csv) formatting that is needed for the BibsBook COA import feature.

  1. Open

Google Sheets Screen Shot

2. Choose Blank

Blank Google Sheet

When importing a chart of accounts the .csv file must use the account types with spelling and capitalization EXACTLY like that found in the list!

Fixed Asset
Other Current Asset
Other Asset
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Credit Card
Other Current Liability
Long Term Liability
Cost of Goods Sold
Other Expense
Other Income

3. Add your chart of accounts.

In the first column enter unique account numbers.

In the second column enter the Account Type. Make sure the spelling and punctuation, including capital letters, is exact when entering the account types.

In the third column enter the Account Names.

OPTIONAL! In the fourth column enter the Tax Lines. Please ignore if unsure.

Accounting Chart of Accounts in Google Sheets

4. Download/ Export/ Save your Chart of Accounts to CSV format. Click file, then download, and choose comma-separated (*.csv) format. Then name of the file is not important.

Select File Download Comma-separated Values Screenshot

5. Import the Chart of Accounts into BibsBooks.

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